About Us

The Company has been known up until today as the country’s “Builder of Landmarks” and is known to pioneer the application of advanced engineering technology in Philippine construction.

His training to becoming one of the most revered men in the Philippines began even before he was born. David Mendoza Consunji is the second son out of a brood of 9 kids of Gaudencio Consunji and Consuelo Mendoza. The stories of his parents laid the groundwork towards a strong foundation of perseverance, humility, passion, determination, the eye for detail and quality and compassion as David Consunji would come to be known. 


The kind of life that his parents decided to go for their kids exposed DM to many experiences that molded his character. Even if he came from a well-off family, David and his siblings spent their early years in the province of Bataan. It is here where they learned to value the lessons that spring from having a simple life, because where they were presented a simple lifestyle. The daily challenges and tasks inculcated in them the value of hardwork, and more importantly the value of doing anything with your own hands.


David Consunji claims that unlike his older brother, Jorge, he was not an intelligent child. In his own words, he described himself as not the best in class, but he would invest in time to learn things. And this allowed him to learn the value of patience and being observant in things.


DM, as he is commonly known as, spent his elementary years in Bataan, where their father kept and tended a farm. Later on, his mother brought him and his siblings to Manila, and he studied high school in De La Salle University. Tragedies were not foreign to DM, as he lost his mother at an early age due to an undiagnosed heart condition, while he lost his brother Jorge during the onset of the war in Manila, and later on his father and uncle were murdered by rebellious groups in the province. He watched the war begin and end. And this was through his college years, where he started and finished in the University of the Philippines. He took up Civil Engineering.


David Consunji is said to be a visionary. Armed with his passion and commitment to serve his clients, he established one of the biggest construction and engineering-based companies in the Philippines. His accomplishments in the field of construction has been recognized all through the years, and he has been aptly called as the “grandfather of construction” in the Philippines.


Chairman David M. Consunji was cited as the one of the four awardees of The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) of 2002, Papal awardee of Knighthood of Saint Sylvester in 1988, Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa by the University of the Philippines in 1988, Meralco Awardee in Engineering and Applied Science in 1994, Management Man of the Year Awardee in 1996 and the UPAA Lifetime Distinguished Achievement Awardee for the 2005, for his invaluable contribution to the development and progress of the country. The hundreds of landmark infrastructure constructed by DMCI symbolize the expertise and professionalism of the Filipino engineer.

- Engr. David M. Consunji, Founder

Our Creed

We believe...

  • ...that construction is a noble profession whose activities are vital to economic development and national progress;

  • ...that fair competition is essential to the growth and stability of the construction industry;

  • ...that a contractor’s primary responsibility to his client is to give his best in faithful compliance with their agreement;

  • ...that labor and capital should cooperate with one another so that labor may live with dignity and capital may find its just rewards;

  • ...that the ill-gotten violates business ethics and the ill-conceived wreaks havoc on the public good;

  • ...that the ultimate objectives are to serve not only man but humankind, and to build not only an enterprise but an institution that will serve society.

Our History

With his earlier years providing a strong foundation to building a strong construction business, David Mendoza Consunji understood that engaging in this industry is all about the planning, preparation, implementation and the systems that are in place. Bearing these insights, he ventured into a contracting company, which was first named as DAVID CONSUNJI Civil Engineers and Contractors. When earlier ventures in the construction of houses became successful, and he was gaining clients, this Civil Engineer from the University of the Philippines officially launched D.M. Consunji, Incorporated on December 24, 1954. The Company’s first office was in a small room in Pandacan, Manila.


The Company’s first few projects included the construction of chicken houses for the Bureau of Animal Industry at that time, which was still based in Manila. The big break happened when Engr. Consunji and his small team was awarded the Tacloban Coca-Cola Plant, which they finished in 12 months ahead of the 18-month schedule, and the Bacnotan Cement Plant. After these projects, DMCI has earned the reputation of on-schedule completion of works, without comprise on the quality of output.


Over the years, under the leadership of Engr. David M. Consunji, the Company operated with the principle of putting its relationship with clients first before profit. In projects where he and his team would bid for, DMCI did not necessarily have the lowest cost in its proposal. However, they would be awarded projects because the Company can finish the project within a shorter period of time, which translated to even more savings on costs. This is evident in one of its earlier projects, which was the Manila Doctors Hospital in Manila. The construction of this hospital equated with efficiency based on a shorter construction time, rather than a lower cost for the project.


In the 1950s, the Company was called to make buildings that required innovative approaches in terms of design. The first of this was the Church of the Holy Sacrifice in UP Diliman, which was designed by architect Leandro Locsin. DMCI was hired to construct the circular building, which at that time has never been done.


In the next decades, DMCI enjoyed the continued patronage of institutional clients such as the Ayala Group, SM Group, Kuok Group, Robinson’s Group, San Miguel Corporation, as well as banking institutions such as Citibank, Equitable Bank, BPI and Urban Bank. Educational institutions also showed confidence toward the Company such as De La Salle University, and the University of the Philippines. Multinational companies also took notice, such as John Laing, Obayashi, Mitsubishi Heavy, Oriken and Nippon Steel.


In the 70’s and 80’s, DMCI began its venture into international projects. Some notable ones are the Istana of the Sultanate of Brunei, the Salim-Halban Highway, and several ARAMCO facilities in Saudi Arabia. The Company also constructed bridges in Kuwait and irrigation projects in Iraq.


Projects continued even more in the 1990s, and by this time, DMCI has constructed almost every building in the Makati Business District, along with some malls – many of which still stand today. The business later on included infrastructure and energy-related projects such as transmission lines.  Railway projects such as the LRT expansion projects, as well as rehabilitation and extension of the Philippine National Railway also fell on DMCI’s plate.


The Company then invested into the construction of water facilities such as water treatment plants and flood control. Soon enough, its portfolio included power plant facilities as well.


The business grew well and grew fast that on March 8,1995, DMCI Holdings was incorporated and then it was registered with the Philippine Stock Exchange on December 18, 1995.


To date, D.M. Consunji, Inc. continues to enjoy its prestige and the good name it has established over the years. The company is under the leadership of Engr. Isidro A. Consunji, the eldest son of Engr. David M. Consunji, and he serves as the Chairman of D.M. Consunji, Inc. and its parent company, DMCI Holdings, Inc. Serving as President and CEO is Mr. Jorge A. Consunji.


DMCI is entering its 65th year this December 24, 2019.



Our Organization

D.M. Consunji Inc. is a 100%-owned subsidiary of the DMCI Holdings, Inc., which is the publicly-listed company registered in the Philippine Stock Exchange in 1995.


DMCI Project Developers, Inc.




Dmci Masbate Power Corporation



Maynilad Water Holdings Company




DMCI Project Developers, Inc.





Dmci Masbate Power Corporation



Maynilad Water Holdings Company


Our Management

D.M. Consunji Inc. is a 100%-owned subsidiary of the DMCI Holdings, Inc., which is the publicly-listed company registered in the Philippine Stock Exchange in 1995.

Isidro A. Consunji


Jorge A. Consunji

President and CEO

Edwina C. Laperal


David R. Villaviray

Managing Director

Christopher R. Rodriguez

Deputy Managing Director, Energy Business Unit Head

Rebecca E. Civil

Senior Vice President, Business Strategy and Development

Geronimo L. Punzal

Senior Vice President, Building Business Unit Head

Ronaldo R. Elepano, Jr.

Senior Adviser for Business Development

Dwight A. Ta-ala

Vice President – Infrastructure Business Unit Head

Joffrey B. Gacula

Vice President – Energy Business Unit Head

Juan Jose C. Laragan

Assistant Vice President – Utilities & Plants Business Unit Head

Jesus T. Cammayo Jr.

Vice President - Technical Services Group

Leonila C. Alabastro

Vice President - Treasury

Awards, Recognitions and Certificates

After decades of trusted service in the field of engineering, DMCI has been recognized and awarded for its world-class performance. These awards are 2017 Trusted Brand Award, Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, 52nd Anvil Awards, and BCI Asia 2018, to name a few.