DMCI puts value in the idea of sustainability and is in full support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We make sure that everything we do as a business is socially-responsible, and aids in making a difference in the world.

ISO Certification

DMCI is committed to becoming a world-class company. In 2018, the Company received its ISO 9001:2015 or the Quality Management System; the ISO 14001: 2015 or Environmental Management System and OHsAS 18001:2007 certifications from Certification International Philippines (CIP).

Quality Management

DMCI establishes, implements and promotes the Integrated Management System in conformance and consistent with the ISO 9001;2008, 14001;2004 and OHSAS 18001;2007 standards and applicable statutory, legal requirements and customer requirements.

DMCI is committed to build structures of technical integrity that enhance both society and the nation's progress while working towards greater professionalism and reasonable returns. Also we commit to the goal of being a world-class company in the targeted segments of the industry.

It is therefore imperative that whenever possible, continuous improvement of its human resource and its integrated management systems be given due primacy to assure our clients of technical integrity in our end products and services and to focus our efforts to the prevention of air and water pollution, reduction in use of non-renewable resources and the elimination of dependence upon ozone depleting substances.

This is our commitment not only to contribute to the improvement of the employee's quality of life but also to promote cleaner, healthier and safer environment for mankind.


The Company values the health of its employees, that is why other than the provision of health insurance and an in-house clinic, with medical professionals and personnel, to ensure a balanced and healthy lifestyle, gym and sports facilities are also available to employees in the office.

Health and Well-Being

Medical facilities and personnel are also present in all project sites as mandated by law. Furthermore, the housing facilities in all projects have been commended by the ISO team during the 2018 audit and was referred to as “compliant” to the conditions identified in the ISO standards


The company also conducted their DMCI Cup 2018 which is an inter-company sports competition, Employees competed with each other in friendly games of basketball, volleyball, bowling and badminton.


The Company allocated approximately P 25 million on its health programs in 2018.


Most importantly is the Company’s commitment to its safety policies and programs. In 2018, P 71.3 million was spent on safety equipment, PPEs and safety program.

Data privacy act

DMCI values the confidentiality of data you have provided. Its privacy policy values and protects your personal information under the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and the laws of the Philippines. Personal information means any information or data that can be used to distinguish or identify you. This notice tells you how we will collect and use your personal information. It also tells you what steps you can take if you want us to change how we use your personal data, or if you want us to stop using your personal data.




To enable us to perform processes related to a variety of personnel administration, and general business managemenet purposes, it is importanst that DMCI collects, uses, processes and retains your personal informstoin when it is reasonable and necessary.


In particular, we are using your information for:

1)Administration of compensation and benefits;
2)Performance management and training;
3)Management services and outsourcing arrangements;
4)Workforce management;
5)Risk management;
6)Statistical and audit purposes;
7)Client and government reporting, and;
8)Other legal and expected business-related purposes.

Types of Information Collected


We collect information to (refer to above purposes). This includes information such as:


•Basic personal information (i.e., name, address and contact numbers)
•Sensitive personal information or information that relates to the individual’s race, ethnic origin, marital status, and any other information described under the Data Privacy Act and its IRR.

Please note that you are responsible for ensuring that all such personal information you submit through the website is accurate, completed and up-to-date.


Rights of Data Subject


You understand that you may request DMCI by a written letter or email through the Data Privacy Officer (DPO) to exercise your rights to include right to access, modify, erasure and object to processing your personal data within a reasonable time after such request.


Our contact details:



DMCI conducts its business with integrity. All of its business engagements are in compliance with good governance and practices.

Its top management, officers and employees are expected to conduct their business properly. Conducts of bribery, non-compliance and intentional unlawful actions are not tolerated by the Company.