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News & Announcements

Continued Certification of DMCI’s Integrated Management System

By DMCI TQM on February 16, 2023

”The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”
– Helmut Schmidt

Continued Certification of Integrated Management System (IMS) was granted to DMCI on February 16, 2023 after the successful completion of the 3rd Surveillance Audit. This milestone underscores DMCI’s commitment to satisfy customer requirements, while ensuring that the environment is protected, and a healthy and safe workplace for employees and stakeholders is provided and maintained during operational activities.

Certification International Philippines (CIP), represented by Ms. Liza G. Rosal as team lead, Mr. Marlon P. Campued and Mr. Justo R. Batoon, Jr., evaluated DMCI’s conformance to ISO standards and assessed the overall effectiveness of IMS processes.


The audit covered processes under the Top Management, Operations (Upgrading of Dagat Dagatan STP to a 205 MLD South Caloocan Malabon-Navotas Water Reclamation Facility, “CAMANA Project” ), Equipment Management Group, Legal Compliance, Technical Services, Human Resources and Total Quality Management. The one-day virtual audit commenced with introduction of Audit Team followed with a short prayer led by Ms. Charloe Pentecoste. Thereafter, DMCI Infrastructure Director, Mr. Dwight David A. Ta-ala, delivered his Opening Remarks where he welcomed the CIP Auditors, and encouraged the Auditees to seize the occasion of being checked as an organization by being receptive to the input and insights of the Auditors.


After a rigorous day of interviews, presentation of documents and records, and validation of compliance to ISO Requirements, the audit proper came to an end at 4:00 in the afternoon. During the Closing Meeting, CIP commended the strong maintenance of IMS, along with its good points and areas of conformity to address organizational risks and opportunities to support the achievement of DMCI performance objectives and stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

No nonconformity was raised but the Auditors reported some opportunities to further improve DMCI’s IMS.


Ms. Rebecca E. Civil, DMCI Joint Ventures and Business Strategy and Development Director, formally closed the Surveillance Audit by recognizing the value of the audit findings and recommendations in helping DMCI become better as an engineering-based construction company. She further enjoined the employees in becoming dynamic as an organization – to continuously challenge, review, and upgrade processes to best adapt to the changing business landscape. She concluded by acknowledging the efforts of all Auditees to represent DMCI in the best possible way during the audit. She also expressed her gratitude to CIP for continued partnership towards DMCI’s overall improvement, excellence and competitiveness.